NiGHTS into dreams…

NiGHTS into dreams..

Now that’s one of the best video games out there, and it is now considered a cult classic. It came out in 1996 for the Sega Saturn, made by SEGA and Sonic Team and kinda had its release shadowed by Super Mario 64.
As the name might suggest, the game is about dreams and nightmares. You control a genderless dream creature called NiGHTS.

Here’s the gist: Nightopia (dream world) is in danger. Wizeman (that’s the bad guy) is becoming more powerful through dream energy he steals from humans up in the ‘real’ world. Wizeman’s goal is world domination, essentially, and as his power grows, the easier he can enter our world, where he would face no resistance. Our two heroes (Elliot and Claris) are ‘called’ by NiGHTS, who they meet in their dreams. Alongside NiGHTS, the dreamers will fight through dreams and nightmares and restore balance to Nightopia and consequently save the world (while finding courage and trust in themselves).

The game itself is in 2.5D, meaning that it is a side-scroller 3D game (it does has a few 3rd person sections but they’re not very relevant – they are well done, as is the whole game, from a technical standpoint). It can be classified as an arcade game, since you can play it in small bursts of time, trying to rack up more points, links and what have you.

You can only get a sense of what it’s like if you actually see it, so here’s a video of the first level, Spring Valley, from Claris.

So, why am I suddenly making a post about some game that almost no one knows about? Well, yeh, that’s the thing. “If you ain’t in the know, better get to know!”

NiGHTS’ 15th birthday is tomorrow, July the 5th! And the big master folks over at the NiGHTS into dreams fan community website have directed countless campaigns to promote the purple jester guy and they have something big in store for they’re 15th birthday. They have a certain ease of contacting SEGA, the owners of NiGHTS and they’re organizing a campaign which you can find over at the NiD15 website. So what’s the goal of this campaign? To raise the maximum number of votes to make a port available for next-gen consoles.

Actually, the game already had a port, a few years back, for the PS2. Trouble is… Japan-only release.

Anyway, as a community, we want to bump it up to next-gen consoles and make the game available for a larger audience. There’s a lot of people who have benefited from playing the game, myself included, and it’s an experience that we can share with each other. So that’s why I’m passing this on to you guys.

Pimp the site as much as you can. Share it on forums, Twitter, Facebook, the YouTubes, whatever. We want SEGA not to forget NiGHTS. Click the little button that says vote.

Do it for the community. Do it for NiGHTS.

It’ll be his birthday present.

Thanks DiGi and TRiPPY (they’re the big honchos over at the NiD community) for the beast of an internet community you’ve created here.

Filipe Monteiro


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