The Oscars

So, I was one of those people who didn’t watch the Oscars.

I usually don’t watch the cerimony, anyways. It’s never compelled me enough for me to want to watch it. And this year was no exception.

According to what I’ve read, the show was a bit of a bust, with failed humor attempts, offensive-ish jokes and James Franco’s ‘interesting’ outfit. I don’t particularly care about that. Which was why it was such a cool surprise to see that my oldest older sister had put a sheet of paper with the Oscars’ results taped to the door of the fridge, the next morning. I read it attentively, nodding ‘yes’, or ‘no’. Mostly ‘no’s.

Alright, so I’ll jump to the movies I did see. Those were, in chronological order of my viewing, HOW TO TRAIN YOUR DRAGON, THE GHOST WRITER, TOY STORY 3, INCEPTION, THE SOCIAL NETWORK, BLACK SWAN and THE  KING’S SPEECH.

Right, so HOW TO TRAIN YOUR DRAGON got exactly two nominations and won neither one. I’d very much liked if it’d won best Original Score, because John Powell did a very — very — good job in nailing every key moments, which I didn’t particularly think of Reznor and Ross’s work on THE SOCIAL NETWORK. Good soundtrack work nonetheless.

Now, is it just me, or I didn’t see THE GHOST WRITER anywhere? No nominations whatsoever. Shame. I really liked that movie, apart from the last 10 seconds.

Now, TOY STORY 3, was, predictably enough, the winner for Best Animated Feature. No surprise there, PIXAR usually likes to makes good movies. It was a great tie-in conclusion and, by far, the best trilogy finale ever.

INCEPTION I liked a lot. The whole realm of dreams and subconscious — psychological stuff — is something that almost always amuses me in some way, shape or form. After seeing it, I almost thought it was going to replace STAR WARS as my favorite movie of all time but, then again, I’m still a ner–geek. Plus, its hype kinda went away after not too long. For me it did, at least. A very DARK KNIGHT-ish film. Above everything else, incredible sound work. I mean, seriously, did anyone listen to that movie? It’s high-up there with JPI for me (yeah, I know). The VFX work was very realistic and it didn’t jump out as “Oh, that’s CG, shut up”. For the most part it didn’t, anyways.

THE SOCIAL NETWORK was very surprisingly an amazing film for me. The script was very intelligent and I thought the pacing was very good for the kind of movie that it is. Also, very good division of emotions. There are some movies that kind of make you not know what to expect of them. Is it a funny moment, a cry-your-eyes-out moment? This one was very good in comedic timing and when it was serious, it was serious. The transitions of emotions were also very slick and smooth like butter, what with the conversations being really well-written as, well, real conversations.

Now, as for BLACK SWAN. Man, this was one of the first movies I’ve seen in a long time that makes me instantly (read: after going “What?” a few times) love it and want to watch it several several times. It was beautifully shot (oh my God, the opening scene) and very very well edited. The pacing was amazing and it gave you just enough to follow the plot without completely losing yourself to the psychologically intense plot. Well, I liked it for that, anyways. It’s a damn shame it didn’t win any Oscars (excluding Portman’s Leading Actress one, but that’s not exactly for the film itself) and, with THE SOCIAL NETWORK, it was really hard giving it the Editing Oscar (I’d pick it for Cinematography, as well, had it not been the year beautiful INCEPTION). Very close call on that one. The VFX, when there, were also stellar. I wouldn’t have minded one bit if it had won Best Film but, sure, it kinda was a horror film, and some of the shots were just a lil’ bit like porn. Come on.

As for this year’s Best Picture award, THE KING SPEECH earned it, as Hollywood does like movies with a message. Which this did, a lot. I watched it last Saturday. Loved the writing, very quality work, there. The cinematography had its moments. Some good, some just god-awful. Well who didn’t see it win?

All-in-all, these were the most predictable Oscars. Ever. I’ll have to watch the show, sometime.



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